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The Summit Studios, LLC is a full service movie studio production facility to support all phases essential for production companies in creating and assembling their imaginative projects.


Industry Advisor

    Victoria Lucas; Producer, Tucson, AZ. Victoria Lucas is known for her work on Far and Away (1992), Splash (1984), Clean and Sober (1988), The I Inside (2004), and The Black Dahlia (2006). She was a Creative Director for Director Ron Howard, and a Director of Development and Producer with Academy Award-nominated producer Rudy Cohen.

Industry Advisor

    Justin Kreinbrink, Monsoon Production Services; Tucson, AZ. MPS is the largest grip/electric/camera supplier in southern Arizona, and the second largest in the entire state. Mr. Kreinbrink is a co-owner of MPS and his credits include producing, directing, acting, and stunt work.

University Land Holdings Advisor

   Dean Shane Burgess; College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the University of Arizona. From his position in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Dean Burgess is knowledgeable of the location and status of the University of Arizona’s land holdings.

Academic Advisor

    Dean Jory Hancock; College of Fine Arts, the University of Arizona.